Grahamstown2Sea – 2019 Race Briefing

Dear G2C Rider for 2019

Thank you for entering G2C 2019 sponsored by BUCO.
Please read this information carefully as it contains important race information.

  • You can read this post on our web site.
  • Race starts 8h30 sharp.
  • Cut-off is 13h00.
  • No helmet, no ride.
  • Follow marshals and race official instructions at all times.
  • Roads are open to traffic. Road rules apply.  Keep left!
  • Ride safe, have fun and enjoy one of the fastest MTB rides/races around.

CSA Regulation


  • Most of the route (Southwell Road) is a public road – all road rules apply.
  • Keep left  PARTICULARLY ON WOEST HILL (the tarred pass outside Grahamstown).
  • Helmet to be worn at all times.
  • No supporters driving on the course whatsoever – use the tar road (R67) to Port Alfred.
  • Look out for milk trucks – drivers have been warned.


  • A SHARP RIGHT TURN after the fast downhill jeep track from the toposcope takes you onto the tarred pass.
  • KEEP LEFT! RACE MARSHALLS at the intersection are there for your safety.
  • Motorists are warned to slow down and stop BUT the road remains open to traffic. You are responsible for your own safety.


  • Marshalls and motorists have previously reported cyclists cutting corners.  This is very dangerous. You will not see any vehicles coming up the pass until it is too late.  They cannot see you either.
  • Residents have been asked to avoid using the road during the race, but this is the only access they have and the road cannot be closed.
  • Beware SHARP BENDS and BLIND CORNERS, so KEEP LEFT of the line, even when overtaking.  Anyone not doing so will be DISQUALIFIED.
  • Slower riders please KEEP AS FAR LEFT AS POSSIBLE – leave space for faster riders to pass without crossing the centre line, especially in the bends.



Registration venues

  • BUCO Warehouse (Saturday and Sunday), off Rautenbach Road.
  • On the PE side of Grahamstown, close to the N2 (also the start venue).
  • Look for signs from the N2 (East) and Cradock Road (West).
  • Go to for details.
  • Coffee will be on sale before the race on Sunday.
  • Cyclo Pro in PE (Friday) Shop 8, Elliot Centre, William Moffet Expressway.

Registration times

  • Friday 6 July 4pm to 5pm at Cyclo Pro, Shop 8, Elliot Centre, William Moffet Expressway
  • Saturday 7 July 3:30pm to 4:30pm at the Buco Warehouse
  • Sunday 8 July 6:30am to 8am at the start at Buco Warehouse
  • Please register on Saturday if at all possible.  Sunday will be very busy.

Registering on behalf of other riders

  • You can register and collect number boards for other entrants who have pre-entered (ie have already purchased an online entry). Bring riders’ names and you will be responsible for their registration including number boards.

Late entries

  • For those who might know anyone who still wants to enter: there is a late entry fee (plus CSA day licence fee of R35 where applicable) will be taken at registration. We cannot guarantee goody-bags for late entrants. Participants with a late entry will be timed.


No late entries will be taken after 8:00am on Sunday morning whatsoever.

Race shirts

  • Please collect shirts purchased online from the marked table at registration.
  • A small number of shirts (high-quality wicking material with race logo) will be on sale at registration.

Return transport

  • Unfortunately there is no official return transport offered this year.



  • E-bikes may enter and will be timed.
  • All E-bikes to start at the back and may be subject to a delayed start time.


  • Race starts 8h30 sharp outside the BUCO warehouse.
  • Top 50 seeded riders (40 men and 10 women) will go off first in their own batch.  Timing begins when the group starts.  Everyone else will start behind the seeded batch.  Seeding is done for pre-entered riders only.
  • If you are not seeded, do NOT join the seeded batch or try to squeeze in from the side!



  • No parking on the course including the BUCO warehouse road with the start chute.  Please park at the warehouse and at Carara.  The warehouse and Carara will be locked at 4pm.  No one is available to open after 4pm.  If parking along Rautenbach road, be sure your car is completely off the road.



Goody bags and medals

  • These will be given out at the finish.  Please check inside your goody bag for a boerewors roll and drink voucher as well as your medal.



Course conditions are generally very good but do beware of the following:

  • You are riding on open, public roads. Keep left at all times and beware of oncoming traffic.
  • The downhill section between the Toposcope (end of Mountain Drive overlooking Grahamstown) to the start of Woest Hill (Southwell Road to Port Alfred) has some deep ruts in places. There is plenty of loose rock this year. Beware of riders stopping suddenly, swerving or switching lines. The EXTREME DANGER (three black arrows) signs here will warn you as you approach this section.
  • Woest Hill is fast and if damp can be slippery. The switchbacks are tight and fast with some patches of loose gravel on the road margins. This is Grahamstown so there will be potholes. Enjoy this long downhill but do NOT cross the centre line here as any oncoming traffic cannot see you until the last moment. Marshalls and signs along the route will alert motorists to be cautious but please be sure to take responsibility for your own safety.
  • Look out for game along the Southwell Road: there are rhino around Buffalo Kloof (vicinity of the second water point) and lots of buck. Beware: warthog (goats and cyclists) crossing!
  • There is loose gravel in many corners.
  • Just before Southwell, there is a cattle grid that is closed – keep right and use the open gate instead.
  • Nearing Port Alfred, there are sections where there are some ruts.
  • The turn onto the single track outside Port Alfred (at +-54km) is sharp! Slow down and follow the marshalls’ directions here.
  • When finishing, please move well off the finish line to collect your goody bag and race medal.


Water points

  • Grocotts Mail Water Point 1 – 18km
  • BUCO Water Point 2 – 34km
  • BUCO Finish – 58km
  • Water, powerade, coke, and bananas will be available



  • Emergency contact number is : 072 191 5933 and is printed on the front of your number board.
  • Please put it on your cell phone as well.
  • In case of emergencies, take note of where you are on the route (ie near which water point, turn-off, distance etc).
  • There will be two ambulances on course plus a number of first aiders, including at water points and the finish.


Cut-off time

  • Race cut-off is 1pm (ie 4h30 after the start).  All riders still on the course will be required to return with the sweep vehicle.  The BUCO sweep vehicle will follow behind the last riders collecting anyone unable to continue.  Try to get to a water point if you can to wait.



  • Do not stop directly on the finish line.  There will be people behind you.
  • Continue through to the area where goody bags are being handed out.
  • Toilets are available in the Rosehill Shopping Mall and coffee shops will be open.  The movie house is also open if you have family who would like to watch something while they are waiting for you.



  • Prize-giving will be between 11am and 11.30am.
  • Prize categories include Race winners, 2nd and 3rd place, Junior (16-18), Sub-vets (30-39), Vets (40-49) and Masters (50-59) and Grand Masters (60+) – men and women.
  • And we have MANY spot prizes from various sponsors that will be given out to riders crossing the finish line.


Return transport

  • The bus will be parked at the entrance to Rosehill Mall (grassy bank, opposite side from the finish as you face the mall).  Check in as soon as you can after 11.30 (prize giving) but note that the bus leaves when the last booked rider arrives, around 1pm.  If for any reason you decide not to use the bus, let us know so that we do not wait for you!  Make sure that you inform the driver in person.


Race results


See you on Sunday – ride safe and have a fantastic day!